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You Break This Spell By Looking

In this potent and rich Satsang, Moojibaba guides us again and again through the powerful steps of self-inquiry, which leaves one empty of identity and confirms our true place as that which is unmoving.

“Try to identify the one who is afraid. Use the energy of the fear and look at 'Who is the one who is afraid?' This is the most powerful question, rarely asked. In the very looking itself, see if it can be caught. See if the fearful one can be recognised. Take the steps and walk with them and look. How to find this one? Not just the fear, but the one who is afraid – they are linked. This real in-turned's going to burn something. You break this spell by looking, by being willing to be found out.

When you search for the sense of the 'I', where does it rise from? In response, what do you find? Just this vastness - it's just arising out of this vastness and you have to get used to this feeling of emptiness.

All this is just like a funnel, deepening, deepening, deepening. And every deepening is sweetening and sweetening... It's too much. It's too much. It's too peaceful. It's too beautiful.

It's too wonderful. It's too wise. Please try and see. That is the inner maturing.”

Monte Sahaja, Portugal
19 June 2017



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