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Your Real Self Is Just Magnificent

This talk takes place one evening while Moojibaba visits the UK and meets with a small group of the London Sangha. Mooji dives straight into sharing the discoveries he has found in his heart from his own direct experience.

"It is possible for every human being to wake up to our essential nature. Your real self, irrespective of what you have done, good or bad, is just magnificent. Your real self is far beyond your imaginary self or any idea you may have about who you are. It is not a person, I call it pure consciousness.

This is the great mystery, that there is a seed of awakening inside everyone, but that seed has to sprout. So right now I don't want to teach you anything, I just want to tickle that seed in you."


This audio podcast is an excerpt from the Sahaja Express video with the same title: Your Real Self Is Just Magnificent
7 July 2018



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