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Podcast: RECOGNISING THE UNMISSABLE-Self is Revealed - Part 1: Sit in the Chair of Your Own Being

During Mooji's recent appearance on the Never-Not-Here show with Richard Miller, one caller declared his deep wish to be in the presence of Mooji. "I will take the first train tomorrow, if Mooji allows," he said. Mooji, touched by his sense of urgency, openness and sincerity sent word to him to come immediately.

Within a few days, the caller arrives. The conversation that occurred between the two is here being presented in the form of four podcasts. Listened to, sequentially, they reveal the marvellous destruction or de-construction of the agitated and deceptive mind under the scrutiny of self-inquiry. Partake in the insights, clarity, peace and joy as recognition of the Immutable Self unfolds.

"Keep sitting in the chair of your own being; don't get up and go forward. It's fine—all is good."

Spontaneous Satsang 1 of 4

Part 2
Part 3
Part 4



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