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Remain As You Are - A Guided Meditation with Mooji

"This Guided Meditation is a simple and unmistakable pointing to our true Self as timeless, unmoving awareness. Listening to Mooji's words and 'course-corrections', it is easy to recognize the truth of who you are, and that you cannot have any form or label; upon clearly recognising this, all burdens fall away.

Mooji says, "You are the witness of time; time does not witness you. You are the unborn. There is no date of birth for you, there is no date of end for you. You are like unbound space. There is neither death nor life for you. You are immaculate awareness. There is neither high nor low for you. There is no inside or outside. All these appear through the mind. Mind itself is only ideas appearing in your own Self."

Mooji directs the listener to remain without identity, and says that this natural detachment does not require effort. "However beautiful or appealing any idea is, it really gives nothing to your true-being. Your Self is beyond all change, all improvement; it cannot be damaged or hurt or stained by any thought or any action [...] Remain as you are now. How can you not remain as you are? Only by touching the thought, 'I am something else -- I am this body, I am mind, I am thought, I am past, I am man or I am woman.' All these are secondary to you, not original. Original is that you are Supreme Being. Be one with this. Be one with this."

A spontaneous Satsang recorded in London
8 October 2010



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