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Podcast: Spiritual Nutella

In this conversation, Mooji answers some uncommon questions, such as: 'Is there such a thing as a healthy ego? I know we are ultimately One, but in what way are we different - beyond the body? Does duality go beyond the physical world? Where do memories stay? Is there a memory of the Self? Do we have to go through Self-realization in every life?'

Each of these queries is met and answered in depth, and in closing, Mooji reminds the questioner that all of this talk is just passing time - in a pure way. No concept is worth keeping. The highest joy of the liberated ones is to contemplate the Self.

This knowledge is like 'Spiritual Nutella' - we enjoy spreading the Nutella of the Supreme; but the best knowledge is that which reflects the Self.

A spontaneous Satsang over Skype



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