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Stay As The Self

"Just by keeping your attention on Being, your sense of weight will vanish. There's an old itch to go back to the mind to play, but this can simply be observed. Mooji says that only if we have the habit of plunging into the objects of perception, then the waters of the Being get disturbed; but even disturbance is also just an idea, from the position of Being. The simplest and most powerful is to just stay as the Self.

Why stay? Why remain? Because It is already there. Don't become, because it would mean that you were not It before. Remain means: Don't go with the mind."

Note: Due to the type of recording device used for this talk, there is a lot of ‘white' noise, but Mooji's words can still be heard clearly.

Recorded at the Katu Shiva Pond in Tiruvannamalai, India
15 February 2012



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