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Stay Inside Your Heart, Observe, Behold the Beauty of God

In this profound Satsang, clarity is brought to questions such as, “What is the ‘I Am?’” and how to stay in the peace that has been discovered. Two questions emerge about the urge to share with others, and Mooji reminds us not to try to convert anyone, but just be yourself.

Mooji comments that the feeling in the hall is becoming more subtle and deep with the passing Satsangs:
“Now the atmosphere in this place is changing more and more. It’s becoming more subtle. We can begin to explore things of the heart, more than things of the head. As your attention finds the heart, its own source, you have less words, more peace, more presence, more silence, more seeing, more grace.”

Music after Satsang: "Everything Is Passing" by Omkara
Available on the album Take Me All the Way Home by Mooji Mala

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