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The Beauty of Self-Recognition

"What is the question, 'Who am I?' driving at? If this question cannot give me what I am, then what is the purpose of this question?"

It's not a mantra or a mental method. The purpose of this question is to find out what arises as 'I'. Everyone assumes 'I' to be the person, and this is where the confusion begins.

Being in Satsang can stir up dormant energies which often arise as resistance or fear. Mooji reminds us that anything can arise; but, what is important is to recognize that you are the witness of whatever arises.

"You cannot just solve a problem personally, because the person itself is illusory. Don't focus so much on the person; instead, keep bringing the attention back into your impersonal consciousness and that itself takes care of all the rest spontaneously, automatically. This is the beauty of Self-recognition."

Mooji encourages us to keep turning the mind towards inquiry; it is totally possible for everyone to recognize what they are, consciously.

A spontaneous Satsang recorded in India
7 December 2010



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