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The Bridge Between Maya and Freedom Is the Mind

SATSANG OF THE WEEK - 18 April 2021

In this interaction we zoom in on the subtle mind that acts as ‘the one awakening’, claiming to be aware of the coming troubles yet still stuck ‘on the bridge between freedom and Maya’.

“The mind is creating these scenarios, don’t purchase them. Mind can also play the game of awakening and yet the smell is not good because there is still a subtle ‘I’. It will disappear if you don’t grab it. You remember yourself and by remembering yourself you find a completeness. Are you with me or are you on the bridge?”

28 March 2021
One Sangha Gathering


The full Satsang sessions from the One Sangha Gathering 2021 are available on Sahaja Express.
This video is an excerpt from the full Satsang, Amazingly, When It Seems There Is No Way, God Makes a Way For You.



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