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The Door To Your Awakening Is Already Open

In this wonderful 30 Minute Podcast recorded during a Silent Retreat at Zmar, Moojibaba explores freedom - a great new way for mankind: Moojibaba explains what freedom is and why as a species we have not really moved so powerfully towards this goal of joy and unity as one family of humanity. Here, Moojibaba touches on some of the most crucial aspects of freedom as he describes it as simply the opportunity to come 'home' - not through a lot of practice or suffering or struggle, or spiritual gymnastics or lectures but through something clean, direct and immediate.

"Freedom is not for the ego, freedom is from the ego.
You have to be free of the ego, not for the ego."

Zmar, Portugal
26 May 2017

'Om Namah Shivaya' by Ananta Garg, performed by Radha

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