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Podcast: The God of Brilliance and Love

Recorded on the 10th of June, 2016 in Monte Sahaja, Portugal

Sri Mooji points out how utterly beautiful, great and powerful these contemplations and pointings are.

“Looking into the mirror of God to see the Truth of who you are, that is the greatest- in one glimpse you secure your position- you cannot sleep no matter what happens. Rejoice in the total discovery of this, which never wears out, it just keeps getting more beautiful. (And) as consciousness awakens to its own true Being, it brings that light into the world, it introduces the world mind to the purity, the ability ,the beauty, the limitlessness, the imperishable-ness of the Supreme Being and only then is the world enjoyed in the most pure way.

It is increasingly delightful to keep on finding how pure and how free God is .”



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