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The Highest Point of Recognition

In this profound encounter with Moojibaba, we listen to a flow of contemplations of truth as they unfold from moment to moment.

“These things are not meant for us to go and say, ‘OK, go and figure it out’. They are an instant transmission of something. It’s like throwing salt on ice, immediately it’s dissolved.

When will it come that we can say, ‘Why do you speak about these things, knowing that they are just the junk food of the mind?’ What is the impetus for evolving beyond anything? When you can contemplate the contemplator, what will be the result?

This is the subtlety of that contemplation which must combust into the destruction of ignorance.”

Music: "Grace" by Bholenath, performed by Bholenath (vocals and harmonium) and Lluis Martinez Ten (cello), available on the album 'Rise Up - To the Most High Awakening Vol.1’ by Mooji Mala



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