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Podcast: The Modern Gate is 'Yes'

When Mooji is asked, 'How did you do it'? He says, "I didn't do it actually. ‘It' did me." They say, "But if you didn't do it, how are you asking other people to do it?"

Mooji says, "The same One who did me is inside here trying to do you, but you're saying, ‘No no, not ready, not ready!', and, ‘How can I be sure'?" You have to be wrung out; all this nonsense has to be combed out. And you, you don't have that comb; all you can say is, 'Yes'. The questions, 'Who am I?' and 'Where am I?' or ‘What am I?, where this leads you, the questioner… this is the highest thing. Who is the questioner even? This inquiring has to have some ‘yes' power in it.

You are the answer to this question, but to feel the answer, you must burn in the fire of this question.

A spontaneous Satsang recorded at Monte Sahaja in Portugal
7 November 2012



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