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The Play of Life Is Not Designed for Failure, But For Transcendence

17 February 2019
Rishikesh, India

Moojibaba brings clarity in the closing Satsang of the first week of the Rishikesh season.

Mooji's pointings iron out personal traits such as self-blame, complex thinking and not wanting to stand out. Moojibaba also highlights that this life is a game of transcendence, and that making mistakes are key for this growth to happen.

By the end, we are guided back into natural perception—back into the authority of our own Being.

“You must find out what is the purpose of witnessing. The purpose, I would say, is that many people have not exercised or been pointed to that wonderful ability of just being a detached observer, of the things of life or even of the very things that feel intimate. This is one of the most profound exercises or pointers, that if you follow, it bears immediate fruit.”

Live music before Satsang: "Improvisation on Sitar" by Marc Planells

Live music after Satsang: "Grace" & "Higher" by Prem Leela, album with live music by Prem Leela including these songs will be available in March 2019

The downloadable version of this Satsang is available on



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