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The Seeker Becomes the Discovery

In this powerful and introspective talk, Moojibaba conducts a deep discussion about the phenomenon of perception, as he points us to a non-dualistic recognition.

"This question 'can the perceiver be perceived?' is a very powerful question… it’s not a mental question. As you start to look, even if you start off mentally, your orientation begins to change. If you’re serious, it changes how you feel, the whole chemistry and psychology inside the body begins to change with this question.

So what is the purpose of the question if an answer cannot be given? It is to draw through the process of meditation to not leave a dualistic conclusion like ‘I can see something’ — the perceiver cannot be something seen. So what is the name of the thing that cannot be seen? That has no quality? And can the one who will now answer be separate from the thing itself?

It pulls everything into this introspection."

31 August 2017
Monte Sahaja, Portugal

Music: You Are With Me by Prem and Lluis



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