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The Storm of the Mind Will Come, But I Stand With You ~ Parting Words from Moojibaba

SATSANG OF THE WEEK - 15 March 2020

Before leaving Rishikesh, Moojibaba shares these important parting words and blessings with the Sangha. 

“Without doubt, it has been one of the most profound seasons of Satsang in Rishikesh. The storm of personhood will come, and I want to encourage you that the highest forces in the universe are with you. What is true is already with you, I can only help you, by the power of God, to be free of the untrue. 

If you don’t get pulled into the shape of a person, you will rise again even higher. The storm of the mind will come, but it will also go. You remember that which doesn’t come or doesn’t go. You be found there. I stand with you.”

Rishikesh, India
12 March 2020


The daily Satsangs from Rishikesh, as well as many powerful excerpts, are available to watch here.

Many of the spontaneous Satsangs from the India season have been and continue to be added to Sahaja Express.



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