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There Will Never Be a Peaceful World Until You Are Peaceful

SATSANG OF THE WEEK - 11 October 2020

During the September Online Retreat, a woman brings forward a very current concern for many people, relating to panic and anxiety about the world today. Mooji addresses this in a universal and beautiful way, by guiding us to leave the affairs of the world to God and directing our attention inward back to its source.

“There will never be a peaceful world until you are peaceful.

Pay attention only to your Self. It is the most wise, the most universally loving thing you can do. You are going to see that as you discover this again, your feelings about the world will change.

You have to make your world beautiful by waking up to the Truth of your true Self.”

Online Weekend Retreat
25 September 2020 | Evening Satsang


This video is an excerpt from the talk, "I'm in Love With the Self as the Self Itself" available as part of the September retreat package.



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