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Podcast: We Are Not Good, We are Perfect

A beautiful and intimate encounter takes places where Mooji Baba looks with one being into the nature of relationships, that which comes and goes, and that which is perfect and unchanged.

“Actually we are not good , we are perfect.
But we are not living life conscious of our perfection, we are living life identified with the sense of being a person, and thats where the sense of good and evil come. Nobody can be that good, consistently, you know. Always something will come and make you think “Oh I didn’t do so good”, but its just based on thoughts, and feeling and conditioning.

When you know that these things they don’t happen because of something you’ve done, it's just that they come to strengthen your clarity about it, and really to go back to the Source, because when you’re back in the Source, it’s like it’s nothing, these things are nothing, they just come and go.

The most important thing is just to come to the place - that empty room, because there you’re in your natural state, before even the world is created.. the perfection is there, its unchanged.”

'Ondas -(Waves )' by Martin Rixen.
More by Martin can be found here.



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