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What is Awakening? (2)

Spontaneous Talk with Mooji, 23rd February 2013. Rishikesh, India

As long as the body is existing, there will continue to be a kind of maturing taking place, becoming deeper and deeper, and purer and purer, against a background of unchanging awareness.

There isn't a person becoming better and better. What is happening is that the person is slowly vanishing. And what remains is just the dynamic existence, the pure existence without the projection, the psychological projection that comes from the idea of a person. And now there is the life which simply unfolds that the consciousness that appeared as individuality in order to somehow refine itself through life to become free of identity, personality, and person-hood is the same as the natural mind. It has no content.

You can only contemplate and keep contemplating, because in your contemplation you'll find, 'I'm here'. And whatever will happen, next, you're not concerned about.

Music: Om Namah Shivaya by Chromatic Spiritual



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