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What Remains After the Invitation? — Skype Satsang with Brazil

Skype Satsang with Mooji
21 April 2018

In this profound Skype Satsang with Brazil, Moojibaba shares in depth the subtle tricks of the mind that can come up after the Invitation, and the importance of being aware of this. Moojiji reminds us that in following the heart of his guidance, we come to experience unbroken happiness and see that we are already complete.

“It’s very important to really take a little time to reflect on what I’m speaking, because the mind will come up again to remind you that you are a person.

Just stay in the natural experience of the Self. Just stay in the grace of that seeing, that is your loyalty.

I am very happy today, having shared this moment with you. Keep it inside your heart, this attitude and this resolve, 'I am born for freedom.'

Now you’re beginning to discover the fullness of your true nature.”



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