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When Attention is one with 'is-ness', all your life flowers!

A video extract from the satsang dvd
'The illumined mind is the true light of this world'
Open satsang in india
23rd february 2014

* Rather than putting attention on what is not true, put attention on what is true.
* When you say 'I', it denotes consciousness...... but, almost always we are taking 'I' to be a person. So, it's called the corruption of 'I'
* If you keep the natural sense - I AM.... just the natural way in which you know you are..... the untaught way of being..... without allowing it to connect up or create relationship with any thought or any activity. When you do this - you' ll see what your mind is and what you are not.
* Just this: The feeling I or I AM
* What takes No Effort in you. Only bring your attention there. That will take little effort.
* When your attention recognises and is one with your IS-NESS..... All your life flowers... All your life blooms.... Becomes radiant.

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