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When You Forget Yourself, Maya Is Strong – When You Remember Yourself, Maya Does Not Exist

SATSANG OF THE WEEK - 21 July 2019

“All I am sharing here, I hope that it will be proven in you.”

Moojibaba welcomes newly arrived guests to Monte Sahaja and a profound Satsang unfolds as he speaks about the role and functioning of maya or delusion in the play of awakening. 

“Maya comes from God, Grace comes from God, you also come from God — all this is God’s play. You have to be wise to overcome Maya’s voice. When you forget yourself, Maya is strong — when you remember yourself, Maya does not exist.”


18 July 2019
Monte Sahaja, Portugal

Live music before Satsang: "Improvisation on violin" by Igor Malewicz

Live music after Satsang: "From Heaven's All Gracious King" by Shivali, performed by Shivali, Igor Malewicz & Jiří Dosoudil

(Lyrics based upon the poem "It Came Upon a Midnight Clear" by Edmund Sears)



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