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While I'm Here As Mooji

Walk with Mooji Baba

"As long as I am breathing, it is just God's life. Everything is God, this is God's life. There's no 'me' as my life. I don't want a life for any 'me'. Whatever it is that is having a sense 'I have a life', is dedicated back to God.

It is my freedom to express this. This is my highest freedom and I can let it go now. Here, the capacity, the intelligence of the Self can express that this love is so complete, so un-fragmented, it is so unsoiled.

Peace be to everybody, to everybody, the good and the bad. In fact, I am nothing. I am nothing because nothing of me I can keep. I am just one tiny facet of infinite facets of the Supreme."

Music: "God Above" by Prem



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