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You Are Determining Your Reality

You are determining whether a thought is going to distract you to the extent that you simply forget yourself.
Life, the Self, the Lord, is leaving many clues and signs all over the life for you. The one who wants to be home does not miss them.
You have to be willing to burn this forest down; forest of misconceptions, falsehood, false identity. Why do you protect it? Why this loyalty to that which does not serve you.

A video extract from the Retreat DVD
'Don’t Touch Anything and Mind Cannot Touch You'
Zmar Silent Retreat, Portugal, 22 May 2015, Session 1.

The full Satsang recording is available as downloadable video (mp4) and audio (mp3) in the Mooji Satsang Shop.

Music: 'Beloved' by Samadhi from the album 'Kissed from Within' also available on:



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