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You Are the Beloved of God, How Can Life Be Against You?

Right from the start of this second Satsang in Rishikesh, Moojibaba guides us powerfully into an experiential understanding of our true Being. Mooji shares some beautiful and poignant stories that encourage and remind us that we will be tested on this path, but as we follow the pointers, our seeming problems will be converted into auspiciousness.

“You are the beloved of God, why should life be against you? The reality is you are one with the Supreme, in harmony with that which is.

The grace of God is flowing through this place, in each heart. I'm very happy that so early in our time together we can be speaking more and more from heart.

Trust the thing that brought you here, that it will take care of you. Because your life is created out of love. This love must be set free.”

Music after Satsang: “Love Will Never Fade” by Lluis Martinez Ten

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