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You Are the Unknown

This video has been corrected and is re-upload.

'So when fear comes, let's have a look at it, don't run away.Let it come and seeif there is a message in this fear. What does it say about you - who you are and what you stand to lose?
No physical kingdom is permanent,but there is something in youthat are timeless and it is worth discovering.
Rumi says:'Knocking at a door -- it opens - I have been knocking from the inside.'This knocking is very importantthis knocking is a seeking.
Then the opening comesin response to the seekingand only when the door opensyou realize your position.You are already inside,you are the unknown itself the unknowable, nothing can come to the end of you.'

A video extract from the Satsang DVD 'Knocking from Inside',
Zmar Silent Retreat, Portugal, 13th September 2013, Session 2
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