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Podcast: You Are the Untouched Essence

In speaking about the inquiry with one friend, Mooji encourages him to keep looking and looking (inquiring) until the mind gets established in real understanding. If looking just happens once and one sees that one is not any image, object, or person that is suffering, it may not be enough to establish one's mind in the truth. Mooji explains that the enquiry really works at the Heart level, not just as a mental thing; it actually empties out into one's own innermost conviction and living experience.

In the closing of this meeting, Mooji says, "Nothing is wrong with you, from the place of consciousness - even from the one who witnesses consciousness. You are beyond the realm of right and wrong; you are beyond morality. You are simply the untouched essence."

A podcast of a spontaneous satsang recorded in London.
17 July 2010



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