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Podcast: You Who?!

"Never give up" is a catch-phrase often heard but rarely questioned among spiritual seekers. What does it really mean? Never give up what? One questioner feels she should never give up her search for the real truth, but on the other hand, she feels she has to give up or else she will always be struggling.

Mooji then asks her if she thinks she should "never give up" — even if she discovers the truth? "Sometimes we are more attached to the journey than the discovery. Because the journey happens in the mind but the discovery happens in the heart. Sometimes, strangely enough, it can appear that somehow the journey brings all the passion, brings the friction, brings the anticipation, brings the struggle, brings the urge, brings the longing, brings the fight. What happens when you are home?"

Sometimes, even after arriving home in the heart, the echo or the remnants of the search is still in us, so we have to be open enough to recognize when this urge to search is coming from the mind. "How will I know when the search is over?" — This voice travels all the way with you if you don't cut it by finding out who is speaking it. Out of what mouth are these words coming from? Mooji says that this is a question he has been asking everyone -- who is speaking these words? Who?! You who?!

A spontaneous Satsang recorded in London



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