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Your Homework Is to Stay Home Inside Your Heart

Haarlem, Netherlands
4 August 2018

The second of two Satsangs as part of Moojibaba's one day intensive in Haarlem, Netherlands. Following the mornings guidance of the ‘Invitation to Freedom’, Moojibaba takes some questions to clarify and reaffirm the simplicity and beauty of this guidance.

“Without going through strenuous internal work or rituals, the Invitation brings us right to very heart of what needs to be discovered, and it does not leave you with a speculation, your Self becomes the answer.

I strongly encourage to stay with what you’ve discovered. What is the homework? To stay Home.”


The first session can be viewed here: The Simplicity of True Spirituality

If you would like to view 'An Invitation to Freedom Toolkit,' please click here.

Music after Satsang
: "Hari Om Namah Shivaya" by Ojas, performed by Ojas and Omkara



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