Rishikesh, India 2019

This Is Immediate Sadhana — As You See, So You Are Free

In this Satsang from the Rishikesh Satsang season, Moojibaba guides us to deepen our seeing by clarifying our position as the witness of all phenomena, whether they are outside or inside ourselves. Moojibaba also answers the question, “Do we need a Guru? Is it OK to have more than one Guru?”

The Satsang culminates in a potent directed inquiry: What perceives even the functioning of perception? What witnesses even the process of witnessing?

“This is immediate sadhana. It means that as you see, so you are free.”

Music before Satsang: “Shiva Nataraj”, “Alone as Everything”, and “This One I Call My Father” on piano by Martin Rixen

Music after Satsang: “Song for Him” by Sanoja, performed by Sanoja & Martin Rixen