The Invitation Toolkit~ Immediate Awakening for Everyone ~

An Invitation to Freedom is a profoundly clear and direct pointing leading to Self-realisation. This unique guidance arose spontaneously in Mooji during his open Satsang season in Rishikesh, India, 2017. Simple in its language but extraordinary in its capacity to reveal the Real - that is, the unchanging and unborn awareness we are - the Invitation has ignited inside the hearts of thousands of seekers worldwide.

The Invitation Toolkit is a selection of Satsang excerpts which address some of the questions, doubts, insights and experiences that may arise when following the powerful guidance offered in An Invitation to Freedom.

These videos serve to deepen and confirm the direct recognition of one’s timeless Being.

The Invitation
Direct guidance into your true Being
Set Your Heart Free
An introduction to the Invitation
An Invitation to Freedom
Tiruvannamalai, India - January 2020
An Invitation to Freedom
Monte Sahaja, August 2017
An Invitation to Freedom
Zmar, September 2017
The Questions
Does it have a size? Shape? Was it born? Can it die?
The Invitation — Our Listening Mirror
A fresh approach to the Invitation triggered by doubts around the questions, "Was it born? Can it die?"
I’m Going to Ask You Questions That You Cannot Know, You Can Only Be
Moojibaba uses doubts triggered by the questions to clarify our true position
This Question Will Cost You Your Person
Use the questions to expose the person
“I Cannot Confirm I Am That”
Only the Is-ness can recognise itself
What Can Be Aware of the What Is?
Doubts around the question, 'can it fade?'
Greater Than Conclusions Is the Is-ness of Being
Can that which has no form be born or die?
Self-inquiry works hand in hand with the Invitation to clarify and confirm your true nature
I Can Only Point — You Have to Follow
Step by step to the heart of self-inquiry
Don't Shoot the Sheepdog
Mooji illustrates the importance of following through with your self-inquiry
Thank You Fear, for Exposing What I Am Not
Using strong emotions to discover who you truly are
Thieves in an Empty House
Dealing with distractions during self-inquiry
And then...
Dynamic life and the Is-ness
Can the Real You Suffer?
Meeting physical pain and suffering from the 'What Is'
Mind — Bring It On!
Facing mind attacks from the place of Is-ness
All That You Enjoy Arises From the Is-ness
Will I lose my human-ness in the Is-ness?
Slapped Into Awakening
Feeling blocked? The one who is trying to get it is also seen
Chew, Swallow, Digest, Confirm
Marinate in your seeing, honour your seeing
My Final Word? Stay as the Is-ness
Mooji's essential pointing
Focus on the Road
Thoughts may come and go, but you stay put!
You Are Forever Free
Watch this over and over again
My God, You Don't Realise What You Have Discovered!
The story of the stonecutter and the celestial gem
Keep Dissolving Inside Your Own Ocean
Honour, confirm — don't speak about it


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