2nd Zmar October 2019

Belief Is Good, Faith Is Good, But Here You Will Awaken

A warm welcome to this silent retreat with Moojibaba.

Moojibaba opens this gathering by reminding us of the intensity of these retreats, and that in any genuine search for Truth, strong opposing forces will come.

“Satsangs here will very much be about experiencing. Belief is very good, trust is very good, faith is very good but here you will also be guided to recognise experientially what is taking place in you. Not merely in an intellectual way, but in a deep and profoundly felt way.”

Moojibaba emphasises on the importance of direct experience and of the genuine and rare opportunity available here.

“The aim is to come to the source of yourself. This is totally possible and totally available but it will take a presence of mind from you, it will take a seriousness of intent from you that you really want this.

Are you up for this discovery?”

19 October 2019
Opening Session

Album before: Temple of Fire by Shivali

Live music after: "Alone as Everything" by Gotama, from the album The Polar Star