2nd Zmar October 2019

This Body Was Not Created for Ego, But for the Living Presence of God

From the start of this Satsang, we are encouraged to waste no time and to keep our focus. We are encouraged to recognise the many gifts difficult situations such as sickness and death can bring.  

Some very important pointings and guidance to the letters presented by the online participants are shared, exposing the cunningness of the psychological mind. Satsang ends with a beautiful prayer and blessing.

“May a deep silence of Grace that flows from the Holy Spirit fill your Being, so that you do not lose energy fighting the mind. There is no need to fight the mind, but to remember and be what you are. This is your way into transcendence, and this power you have.”

20 October 2019
Evening Satsang

Album before Satsang: Into the Deep Blue by Mooji Mala

Live music after Satsang: “Song for Him” by Sanoja, performed by Sanoja & Gotama, available soon on the upcoming album Rise Up