Best of Zmar Silent Retreat, October 2019

This is a compilation of carefully selected excerpts from the 1st Zmar Retreat in October 2019. A Zmar Retreat is a residential 7-day Silent Retreat with Mooji, which provides an opportunity to immerse oneself completely in the energy field of Satsang in the presence of a great spiritual Master.

The team in Monte Sahaja reviewed the 30+ hours of Satsang from Zmar, and distilled them into five hours that represent the most powerful, instructive, enlightening moments within the retreat.

The series includes 14 satsang excerpts, one full length guided meditation, and one bhajans concert offered by the Jai Sahaja! bhajans team.

Price: £40 (free to stream for Sahaja Express subscribers)

Once purchased, the compilation is available for online streaming or audio + video download on this page.

Sample Excerpt — Guided Exercise: Stay as the Sense ‘I Am’

Moojibaba gives a potent and distilled guidance into the recognition of the pure sense ‘I Am.’

“Remain conscious just of the sense ‘I Am,’ without connecting to anything else. This itself will be a marvellous exercise for you. Then I would like to ask you after, ‘What did you find?’

The more you are stabilising in this ‘I Am,’ you will see the wealth of this. You will feel the health of this. You will see the unending-ness of this. You will feel the joy and the love of this. You will feel the compassion and the wisdom of this. This you must find.”

6 October 2019 | Morning Satsang

All Satsangs in the Retreat Package

I Will Walk Alongside You, But the Discovery Is Your Own

A step by step inquiry to transcend all doubts

When You Can Bear Your Own Silence, You Are Free

A deep and powerful guidance into the silence of Being

Are You Observing With Interest or Without?

The power of witnessing & self-inquiry illustrated by the story of the two birds

The Place Where We Are One, Not Two

A funny and intimate exchange that points you back to your true Self

"How Can I Stay Detached If Pain Is Too Strong?"

Mooji on bodily pain and suffering

The I Am Wants Nothing From the Ego — Not Even Surrender

The ego cannot reach enlightenment, it simply vanishes

Emptiness Is Getting Used to Emptiness

How do I move in daily life from my stillness?

Check In and Ego Will Check Out

The story of life — forgetting and remembering your true Self

Seeing Without Eyes, Knowing Without Mind, Being Without Becoming

Silent sitting with Mooji

What You Are Can Never Die

Mooji speaks about death and the imperishable Self

Don't Take Shape

Ignore all suggestions from the mind and stay as you are

You Are the Womb of All Manifestation

Exposing the most subtle projections of the "spiritual" mind

Jai Sahaja! Bhajans

Powerful and uplifting singing of the different names of God—the Self Supreme

The Place Before All Beginnings

A simple but profound reminder of the emptiness you are

Now You Know Your True Place — Don't Go Back to Sleep

This is all you need to know if Truth is what you seek