Lisbon Intensive 2019

'I'm Here For This' Will Become 'I'm Here As This'

“I feel this can be one of the most important gatherings in this country, if you are open.”

Moojibaba begins the Lisbon Intensive with a blessing that it may be the most potent profound time for those who have come, and that each one derives maximum benefit from their time together.

“To wake up to the truth you have to have a ninja mentality. Something must open up in the few days you are here. Whatever I say, the power is in you to understand and experience.

It’s you who, according to your emptiness and wisdom, convert something into a gem.”


Live music after Satsang: "Hosanna" by Prem, performed by Prem, Sita, Agustin Cosentino & Jiří Dosoudil
(More music by Prem on the album Live in Monte Sahaja by Prem Leela)