Lisbon Intensive 2019

When Truth Is Recognised, the Heart Glows and Illumines the Mind

Moojibaba addresses the role of the seeking self in what he refers to as the game of transcending.

“You are accustomed to that perspective that you are speaking from now. I see that everything you speak about is relative — there is nothing absolute about it. Should I be polite only and let you speak from this place? Or can I take the risk of saying, ‘Dismount! — Look from where I am speaking.'

I am pointing to that which is unchanging, knowing which puts an end to suffering.”


Live music before Satsang: "Improvisation on rubab" by Marc Planells

Live music after Satsang:
"Higher than the Mountains" by Sam Garrett, performed by Sam Garrett & Omkara, available on the album Namaste by Sam Garrett