Lisbon Intensive 2019

"It's Too Simple!" — I Accept That Complaint

This must-watch Satsang from the Lisbon Intensive takes us deep into the contemplation of the timeless Self, and is littered with pearls of insight. Moojibaba walks us through the full scope of our spiritual evolution, from believing we are the person, the body-mind and its conditioning, to learning to simply observe and move into the position of the uninvolved witness, and ultimately seeing that even this position is observed by the unmoving, unchanging awareness that we are.

“He is the uncreated One
Because It is, all things appear to be.

Though It allows Itself to be called by various names,
It remains ever the single One.

Timelessly unchanging,
pervading all that appears as the manifest world,
sustaining them, absorbing them.

The essence of all sentient and insentient
forms and expressions.

Know This to be the Self.”


Live music on piano before Satsang, performed by Martin Rixen:
"Shiva Nataraj" by Martin Rixen (Available on Bandcamp)
"Beloved One" by Krishna Prasad
"Mere Gurudev" by Krishna Das (

Live music after Satsang: "Heer" (traditional Hindi song) performed by Ananda, Gurdeep, Sita & Igor Malewicz (available on the album By Your Grace by Mooji Mala)