Lisbon Intensive 2019

Don't Call 911, Just Call the One

From the start of this Satsang, Moojibaba guides us to leave everything aside to discover the vastness of our natural emptiness. Mooji emphasises the importance of observing without identity and how like this the mind will come into greater harmony with the true being.

“Keep observing with detachment and you'll come to see and feel the presence of the observing itself. If you put your attention on your Self, your suffering will be replaced by joy and peace.”

By grace, this guidance brings one into a very powerful seeing and a real opportunity to wake up and be happy and free.

“What you are is truly magnificent. Your birthright is to discover that which is birth-less and death-less. There is an understanding and when this is established, it is established forever. It takes you home.”


Live music before Satsang: "Improvisation on handpan & violin" by Benno Sinkwitz & Igor Malewicz

Live music after Satsang: "Rise up" by Sangita, performed by Sangita, Igor Malewicz & Jiří Dosoudil (not on an album yet)