Lisbon Intensive 2019

Words Are Too Weak To Give You, I Will Send You Something Else By The Grace of God

As Satsang continues during the Lisbon Intensive, Moojibaba reminds us that this world can go on and on from what he refers to as the ‘narrow field of personhood’ and we can continue trying to fix problems. We are urged, encouraged and shown how to leave this continuous river of seeming problems and step fully into the vastness of our true nature.

“I came here to find one who is ready to be free. I want you to have the master key, that you open the door to that in you which is beyond problem, your real nature.

You must begin to see from the immensity of your being — this is the invitation. Can you take big steps with me? Now is your most opportune moment to be in the recognition of This.”


Live music after Satsang: "All the Saints and Sages Are Here" by Omkara & Jiří Dosoudil (not on an album yet)