Lisbon Intensive 2019

Song to Freedom

This beautiful closing Satsang of the Lisbon Intensive is full of gems. Mooji shares with us a powerful prayer to invite the guidance of the Supreme into our lives, speaks about the beauty and power of ‘not knowing,’ and we hear several touching testimonials.

Mooji takes us to the heart and essence of what he has been sharing over these precious days.

“If you discover your own heart, you have discovered the heart of every living being. The perk is that you get to keep having your unique expression, it’s fine! Individuality isn’t evil, things can be diverse and varied in expression, but one in essence.

Such is the nature of the awakened one.”


Live music before Satsang: "Improvisation on violin" by Igor Malewicz

Live music after Satsang: "Song to Freedom" by Björn Afzelius, performed by Krishnabai, Igor Malewicz & Martin Rixen (available on the album Take me all the Way Home by Mooji Mala)