Zmar October 2019

'I Am' — Is It An Incomplete Statement or the Most Complete?

The first morning Satsang of the Zmar silent retreat begins. Moojibaba tells us that he is not giving us any time to defrost.

“First be with your Self, this is greater than being with anybody. I am pushing to push you into the ultimate. Just the correct seeing drops into place and the whole superstructure of falsehood collapses in that. ‘I Am’ — is it an incomplete statement or the most complete? Sit with your Self; the Lord of the house must wake up to what he is in you.”

6 October 2019
Morning Satsang

Album before invitation: By Your Grace by Mooji Mala

Album after invitation: The Calling by Karuna

Live music after Satsang: "Heart Becomes Your Home" by Prem, performed by Prem and Igor