Zmar October 2019

I Am Nothing, Appearing to Be Something, and Now Enjoying Both

This very potent and deep Satsang is triggered by a questioner who raises the doubt that she still feels like a person experiencing a sense of vastness, rather than the vastness itself. Moojibaba's guidance invites us into the depths of self-realisation.

"You are not a person experiencing emptiness, you are the emptiness in which the dream of the person appears. All the while, the immensity of the Self is here.

This awakening is open for everybody."

7 October 2019
Morning Satsang

Album before invitation: Beloved One by Krishna Prasad

Albums after invitation:
Sahaja Samadhi by Radha
The Polar Star (album) by Martin Rixen

Live music: "I Hear You Call" by Sangita, performed by Sangita and Prem Sweeney and Igor Malewicz. Available soon on the upcoming live music compilation album Rise Up by Mooji Mala