Zmar October 2019

Rest Your Attention in The 'I Am' — This Is Your Universal Work

Following in the spirit of the retreat, Moojibaba continues to guide us into recognising the pure and untouched nature of the 'I Am,' in the midst of whatever forces arise from the mind as storms or distractions.

"You don't have to lift one hand to the mind, just stay in the neutrality of Being. Be, and be conscious of your Being — that is your work."

8 October 2019
Morning Satsang

Album before invitation: From the Silence by Omkara

Album after invitation: Duduk instrumental by Karuna (not on an album)

Live music before satsang: "Improvisation on handpan and piano" by Mahababa and Omkara

Live music after: "Avadhuta" song by Kabir, performed by Meera, Mahababa and Omkara