Zmar October 2019

Your Body Is Not the Evidence That You Exist — the 'I Am' Is

"In the heart of the greatest storm, you are the silence."

In this rich Satsang, Moojibaba shows us again and again how abiding in the 'I Am' presence is the master-key to life's challenges and confusions.

"Even the one meditating on the 'I Am' is perceived in the 'I Am.' This is the one medicine for everything — let your attention rest in the silence of Being. The discovery of your true nature removes the fear of death and the fear of life."

8 October 2019
Evening Satsang

Album before Satsang: Temple of Fire by Shivali

Live music: “Mere Gurudev” by Krishna Das, performed by Martin Rixen. The original recording of “Mere Gurudev” is available on Krishna Das’ album ‘Door of Faith’
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