Zmar October 2019

Who Are You to You?

Moojibaba addresses a variety of topics and letters in this Satsang. Is the purpose of the Self just to be enjoyed — a divine ice cream? Can we know who we are by being clear on what we are not? Moojibaba also speaks about the role of death in spiritual awakening, how the mind can use spiritual phenomena to distract us from the simplicity of the true Self, and the limitations of words and intellectual knowledge.

"I'm here to find out: who are you to you? You are the one who needs nothing from the mind. You are the root of all this manifestation — watching without eyes, knowing without mind."

10 October 2019
Morning Satsang

Album before invitation: Beloved One by Krishna Prasad

Live music before: "Improvisation on Bansuri Flute“ by Agustin Cosentino

Live music after: “Hare Krishna Hare Rama” song from Papaji Mahasamadhi, performed by Mahababa, Joya, Agustin Cosentino & Benno Sinkwitz