Zmar October 2019

I Don't Have a Self to Know

This final Satsang of the Zmar silent retreat is a powerhouse of insights. Moojibaba walks us through the Invitation, and exposes how subtle the mind can be in preserving a sense of personal identity. In the end, Mooji says, "When you're ready, I will point and you will see."

"When presence meets person, there's an alchemy.

When presence meets presence, there's unbound joy.

When presence meets absolute… unspeakable."

11 October 2019
Evening Satsang

Album before Satsang: Rise Up — to the most high awakening by Mooji Mala. Live music compilation album (to be released November 2019)

Live music after Satsang: "Let Our Name Be Amen" music by Omkara Piazza and Martin Rixen, lyrics from The Mala of God by Moojibaba, available soon on the upcoming album Rise Up