Zmar October 2019

Don't Be Trapped in Time, Be Free as the Timeless

In these closing words, Moojibaba offers an overview of what has been shared in the course of the retreat, and gives his heart's blessing for each one's total awakening and liberation.

"I don't know where each of you is going back to, but I feel, wherever that may be, a spiritual garden will grow there. You are the seeds of awakening in a sleeping world. There's no need to feel you're going to lose something spiritual, at all. My heart's blessing is that wherever you go, the perfume of your Spirit will be there, as spiritual food for each one.

Honour what you have seen, live in your seeing. Live by the standard of your seeing. Let your heart remain pure."

12 October 2019
Closing Words

Album: Rise Up — to the most high awakening by Mooji Mala. Live music compilation album (to be released November 2019)

Live music: "Full of Your Spirit" by Tara, performed by Tara Soucek and Martin Rixen (not on an album yet)