Tiruvannamalai 2020

The Self — Most Obvious And Most Obviously Missed

Satsang with Mooji in Tiruvannamalai

On this fourth day of Satsangs at the feet of Holy Mount Arunachala, Moojibaba responds to various questions and complexities with the wonderful simplicity of true understanding.

Truth is not an experience you will have, you are awareness itself! Mind wanting to be awareness is like the clouds wanting to be the sky. “You need not strain yourself, or torture your mind to discover the truth.”

What joy, peace, love and simplicity it is to transcend the limit of personhood.

25 January 2020

Music after Satsang: “Shivoham“ (traditional) from the album Sahaja Samadhi by Radha Raychaudhuri (available at https://mooji.org/music/sahaja-samadhi)

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