Sahaja Journal~Outpourings from the heart of Sahaja~

Sahaja Journal

This journal takes us into a period of introspection and celebration in Monte Sahaja, giving glimpses of some of the holiday festivities and the rich creative expressions of the Sangha. It is a deeply joyful journal, saturated with the love of God and Truth.

"Praise be to the heart and soul of every living being,
because through this we come home.
It’s like reversing a glove—
We must now look inside and find That
Which is not limited to insideness
or outsideness
or beyondness,
Because it is infinite and fills all.

Yes, this is your heritage and your lineage
Your truth and liberation.
Praise be to God absolutely


"Grace Is Upon Me" by Prem Leela

"Sahaja Ki Jai" by Jai Sahaja (Monte Sahaja Bhajans group)

Footage and music from "It's a Wonderful Life"
Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (1946). Composed and Conducted by Dimitri Tiomkin.

"Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty" performed by Omkara, composed by Reginald Heber and John Bacchus Dykes

"O Holy Night," performed by Sahaja Choir, composed by Adolphe Adam

"It Came Upon a Midnight Clear," performed and composed by Shivali based on poem by Edmund Sears