Sahaja Journal~Outpourings from the heart of Sahaja~

Sahaja Journal

In this journal, Moojibaba and the team complete final preparations for the Monte Sahaja August silent retreat. The Zmar retreat in September is also featured, with almost 800 participants all deeply immersed in Satsang. This retreat was also especially exciting for the participants and the team as An Invitation to Freedom, Mooji’s newest book was launched to the participants present.

“From the longing to find love,
you came and found even the source of love.

How great! You didn’t just find the object of love,
you found the source of love,

and that this source of love is your true place.”

~ Mooji


For more information on current events scheduled, including the June Lisbon retreat, please visit the website.


“The Oak Tree”  by Martin Rixen (available on Bandcamp)

“I Could Sing of Your Love Forever” by Delirious?, performed by Mukti, Prem, Siddhartha and Corrina

“God Above” by Prem and Prabhu (more music by Prem available here)

Improvisation on Duduk by Karuna (more music by Karuna available on “The Calling”)

“In the Now” by Jiří Dosoudil, performed by Jiří and Hazel (not available on an album)

"What a Wonderful World" by Louis Armstrong, sung by Krister Linder (

"Leaves in the Water" by Vladislav Shiryaev (more music by Vlad available on Soundcloud)